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Learn About Emotions!

Emotion Commotion is a hilarious card game created to make learning about emotional intelligence fun!
Emotion Commotion expands emotional intelligence. As you play you will-
  • Identify a variety of emotions.
  • Build a common emotional vocabulary.
  • Create a safe place to feel and express emotions.
  • Tune into your body and recognize what you are feeling.
  • Discover how everyone feels emotions differently in their body, and what it can look like.
  • Begin to learn how to allow emotions to move through you.
 Get ready for lots of fun, giggles and learning! This family game is fun for all ages and helps teach emotional intelligence.
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"We just played emotion commotion as a family. This is truly a brilliant game! This needs to be in every school classroom, therapist office, theater class, youth treatment facility, teenage hangout spot, and home! Not kidding, it's brilliant! Even the littles could do it! I love how it teaches you to practice expressing and recognizing your emotion and also helps you practice reading other people's emotion." 

- Lisa, Mom of 4

"It was fun seeing my kids act out the emotions in their own way and even more fun for them to be able to guess the emotion I was portraying. I was surprised that they weren't shy or hesitant to act it out. I think because it's a card game it made it easier to act and feel the emotions."
- Michelle, mom to 3 boys

"I liked the game so much it was the first thing I wanted to do when I woke up!" 
- Warren age 6 

"I love the educational benefit learning about emotions and being assertive expressing them."
"I can see myself playing this every week!"  

- Michelle A.

“This game is an amazing tool to connect our family together and recognize how we each individually interpret and handle our emotions. I learned so much about my kids after just 30 minutes of playing this game.” 

- Rebecca B. Mother of 3

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